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Featuring Australia's top musicians, EveryOneBand is the biggest band in history. Join EveryOneBand and together we'll top the charts and go Gold!

How? Click ‘Join’, add a few details and that’s it, you’re in! After you join, you’ll receive your link to our resources page to access everything you need to record yourself playing or singing with EveryOneBand. Submissions for our first single ‘Stand By You’ have now closed, so save the link for future recording projects (we’ll let you know when!).

Meanwhile, we’re busy compiling everyone’s submissions and creating the final mix of ‘Stand By You’, set for release on 1st June 2018.

And we need your help to get ‘Stand By You’ to the top of the charts. Pre-order your single, download or t-shirt from our Store now – each one counts towards our chart position and Gold target.

The only rule of EveryOneBand is that no one gets a free record. So all band members (and their friends and family!) will also be buying, downloading and streaming the track as much as possible. So with your help we’ll top the charts, go Gold – and most importantly, raise a bunch of money for Support Act, the Australian Music Charity (who will receive 100% of all recording royalties and merchandising)

So join EveryOneBand, buy the single, help us top the charts and raise money for Support Act. You’ll be part of something really great and maybe have a Gold record award to prove it!!

So in a few easy steps – here’s how you Join the biggest band ever, top the charts and go gold:

  • Join EveryOneBand  (it’s easy and it’s free) – just click on any of the join buttons, enter your name and email address etc., hit ‘submit’ and that’s it. You’re in the biggest band ever!
  • You’ll then receive an email link to our Resources page. Save this link to access backing tracks, sheet music, lyrics etc. for future EveryOneBand recording projects
  • We’ll let you know when we start our next project so you can follow the link to download anything you need to record your part.
  • Then you send us the file of your recording via the ‘Upload Your Part’ link on the website (currently disabled until we start the next single).
  • Then we’ll create the final mix and release the new song.
  • Remember: No one gets a free record!
  • So we all buy, download and/or stream the track as much as possible (and get our mates to as well!) to raise money for Support Act.

So that’s how it works!

  • Meanwhile, we still need your help to get our first single ‘Stand By You’ to the top of the charts!
  • You can pre-order downloads at our store – and buy T-shirts and Tea-towels as well
  • Every sale counts towards our chart position and Gold status – as well as raising vital money for Support Act!
  • So join EveryOneBand and
    • Get your friends and neighbours involved
    • Buy, download and stream ‘Stand by You’
    • Promote the band by buying and wearing your EveryOneBand T-shirt

Remember, it’s up to us! If we all get involved we’ll create something epic and unique – the biggest band ever. We’ll top the charts and go Gold – all while raising much needed money for Support Act

Be Part of Something Great

Join thousands in the biggest band ever to record and release a single, top the charts and go gold!