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What is EveryOneBand?

EveryOneBand is, as the name suggests a band for everyone! Our aim is to raise as much money as we can for Support Act, the Australian music charity – and have some fun while we do it. We want everyone to be in a band that tops the charts and goes gold. We want as many people to join as possible, we want to be huge! We want to be the biggest band ever! Absolutely anyone can join. Join!

How do I join EveryOneBand?

Click any of the ‘Join’ buttons and fill in the required information. You won’t need a username or password, we simply ask for your name, email address and zip/postcode (not mandatory but please include as it’s great to know where you’re from!). That’s it! You’re in! It's completely free to join. We won’t send you lots of emails (we hate spam), share your informations, or try to sell you anything. Of course we’d love it if you purchased a band T-Shirt as all profits form merchandise sales also go to Support Act.

How do I record with EveryOneBand?

After joining the band you’ll be sent a link via email. This link will give you access to our ‘Resources’ page where you’ll be able to download backing tracks, lyrics, string and piano arrangements etc of the song we're working on. Download the backing track and import it into your recording program/DAW and record yourself singing or playing along with whatever instrument you like. Then simply upload the audio file of your performance back on the EOB website via the ‘Upload your part’ link. You can either upload an MP3 or provide a link to your cloud storage space if you prefer a larger file type (e.g. Wav or AIFF). We’ll then collect all those performances and add them into the final mix. To making sorting files easier, please name your files in the following way: instrument_your name; e.g. guitar_bill jones.mp3. For more details check out our 'Recording wth EveryOneBand' video on the Resources page.

What is a DAW?

A DAW is a ‘Digital Audio Workstation’ – a generic name for music recording programs like Garageband, Logic, ProTools, Cubase etc. There are also Apps available that allow you to record multi-track audio (that is, where you record along with other existing tracks).

I don’t have a recording program or DAW, how do I contribute?

If you don’t have a music creation program (remember, every Apple computer ships with Garageband!) there are cheap Apps or other free software that allow you to play or sing along to backing tracks. Another option would be to just play the backing track on your computer while using headphones and record yourself using the recording App on your smartphone. Better still, get with friends and do it together - one of them probably has Garageband or something similar. Have a recording party at their place!

I don’t play a musical instrument - can I still join EveryOneBand?

Yes, of course, we want everyone in the band! If you’re not comfortable singing or playing along, there are lots of other ways to contribute. You can be an advocate to for the band, recruiting members that do play or sing. You can promote the band by buying and wearing your EveryOneBand T-Shirt! You can encourage lots of people to download and stream our songs. There’s always something to do in a band. And remember, you could just record yourself playing tamborine, shaker or clapping along to the track - every song needs a good percussion track!

Can I join now and add my recording later - is that OK?

Yes, of course. After you’ve joined the band and received your link to the Resources page, save the link and return later to download the backing tracks/parts and record yourself. Just get your part to us by the closing date for the current track (check the homepage).

I can’t find the link to the resources page in my email, what should I do?

First, check your junk mail folder - maybe we went there (sad face). If it’s not there, then just join again, maybe there was typo in your email address, so be careful this time! We’ll be able to remove the rest of your duplicate information later so you’re not counted twice! If all else fails please contact us at: [email protected]

Will I receive record royalties?

No, we’re doing this entire project to raise money for Support Act. As part of the Terms and Conditions you’ll be assigning all of the rights in your recorded performance to EveryOneBand. 100% of all record royalties received by us will go to Support Act, so you’ll be helping to raise money for Australian musicians in crisis. Plus, your royalties would only ever be a few cents anyway. But if we all put our 'few cents' together, they'll add up to something significant and help Support Act in the work it does.

What is Support Act?

Support Act is the Australian music charity set up to assist those who have worked in music when a crisis occurs. Support Act helps get them through the tough times and back to work. The organisation also helps in other ways - find out more about Support Act by visiting www.supportact.org.au.

If there’s thousands of people recording on a song, won’t it just sound like a big mess?

No, not at all. Our experienced producers and engineers will make sure everything is balanced and that it all sounds great. The key is to remember to think of it like a choir – if everyone plays their instrument or sings along in tune and in time, we’ll be able to make it work. Try to play 'with' the track rather than do anything too radical! Maybe save the radical stuff for your solo record! haha!

Will I be able to hear my individual part?

Probably not. Just like a choir where you can’t pick out an individual voice, you probably won’t be able to hear your actual voice, guitar, piano or whatever - but you will be there! Even if you’re just clapping your hands - you will be there.

How long do I have to contribute to a track?

Check the EveryOneBand homepage for the closing date for submitting for each song. We have to close submissions at some point in order to create the final mix and release the song!

When will the single(s) be released?

Check the EveryOneBand homepage for the release date(s). We’ll also email you to let you know when there's a new song to be worked on and when that song will be released. Then it’s up to you and all your friends to buy, download and/or stream the track as much as possible. We want to go number one on the charts and achieve gold record status - and raise as much money as we can for Support Act! Our secret weapon is us!

Are there any rules in EveryOneBand?

Just a few. First: No one gets a free record! So, if you want to help the band achieve Gold record status, you (and all your friends!) will need to buy, download AND, if possible, stream each track as much as possible. Buying or downloading a track is best as it counts way more towards Gold than a single stream does! Second: Please don't use any of the stems or backing tracks anywhere else without permission. If you do we'll be very sad. Then angry. Then we'll hunt you down..... no, not really, but you get the vibe! Third: Please use common sense and courtesy. We're all in the same band, so no rudeness, swearing, etc. No sexism, racism or any other 'isms' towards your fellow band members (or anyone really), either on this site or any of our related social media platforms. Nobody wants to be in a band with a jerk and we reserve the right to expel offenders from the band. Just be cool.

Who came up with the idea for EveryOneBand?

Mark Callaghan, lead singer with GANGgajang (and before that The Riptides) came up with idea. He's also on the board of Support Act and thought it would be a novel way to raise money and profile for the organisation and it's work. From there he reached out to his friends and colleagues in music who all said 'Yes, I'm in. Let's do this!'

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